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Here at The Defib Centre we are passionate about saving lives and have the experience and expertise necessary to help you and your colleagues save the life of someone suffering from a heart attack or cardiac arrest. We don’t just supply the defibrillator and everything you need, we offer a personal service and support second to none!

Our certified training in Basic Life Support and AED use is just £350 for up to 12 delegates at your location (less than £30 per person), £25 per delegate for certified on-line training that can be accessed from anywhere at anytime for one year, or we can create a bespoke training package to suit your specific needs.

You can visit our shop now and buy an AED immediately, or call 0800 634 9745 and let us know how we can help. The sooner you do the sooner you can be ready to save a life!


Why and how to use an AED

Why Defibrillate?

Why you need a defibrillatorLook why you need a defibrillator: Defib Centre's Director Robin Shepherd explains >

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