Our Ethos

To save one life is as if to save the world so the saying goes and we want to help you make this a reality if someone nearby suffers a sudden cardiac arrest.

The Defib Centre was set up by medical professionals Jackie and Robin Shepherd after two of their close friends died from a cardiac arrest in less than a year of each other; neither friend had any known history of heart disease and had a defibrillator been available at the time perhaps their lives could have been saved and the sadness and suffering experienced by those left behind avoided.

Our goal is to help prepare you, your colleagues and society deal with such an event. In those first few minutes after a sudden cardiac arrest there is a very good chance of recovery if the rescuer (you) acts with courage, confidence and takes responsibility.

We will equip you with the know-how and the defibrillator to be the expert on the scene in the run-up to the emergency services arriving; your prompt action will significantly increase the chance of that life being saved!

This business is in our hearts; let us put our heart into your business.